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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Can I Get Some New Balance Minimus Shoes EARLY???

New Balance Minimus Line

I REALLY need a pair of the Road and Trail versions of these Minimus shoes!!!  I have been trying to be patient, but it's not working!  I need them (ok, really WANT them) for my Race Across The Years 24-hour RACES!!!  I want to wear the Road version in Race #1 and the Trail Version in Race #2.

I've been wearing the New Balance 709s and 100s since they first came out, but these--with the help from Vibram--are going to be the best shoes EVER!!!  Lower heel!!!  Less midsole altogether!!!  Very close to "no shoe," yet with protection from cuts and rocks, etc.  WE ARE GONNA LOVE 'EM!!!

I can't wear my Vibram Five Fingers now that it is so cold out...but these Minimus--where I can keep all my toes together like in mittens (as opposed to separated like in gloves!) will be a great "virtually barefoot" option!!!

Doesn't anyone have a contact with NB who good get me in as a TESTER or something?!!!  I beg of you!!!  I need these puppies for Christmas!!!  :)

Shop New Balance!!!


  1. I feel the same way, Tracy. Can't wait for them to come out!! Have you tried the wool Injinji socks underneath your Vibrams? I just got done with a short run in them and my feet were fine. It has warmed up to 23, tho.

  2. Yeah...I have tried them, Jason. I have very poor circulation in my feet. have a hard time keeping them warm in shoes this time of year.