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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


You know, I've been fretting lately that I haven't been running "enough!"  Well, it's enough for most 'other' people, but not for the 100-miler that I'm scheduled to run in 10 days!  I haven't gotten any long runs in for the past 3 weeks (had to stay home from my marathon last weekend coz I was sick) and I know it's gonna hurt when I run the Rocky Road 100!

That said, I HAVE been helping a few lesser-fortunate friends of mine.  One has MS and I take her places when she needs to go and I am trying to help her with some forms she has to fill out, etc.  The other, I'm afraid, is gonna lose her beloved Mother in the near future!  I try to  be here for her when she needs to talk or have a beer, etc.!  I know--I'm really going above and beyond the call of duty by having to have a beer!!!

THESE are the things in life that are important!  Getting outside of yourself and helping others!  Live by the three "E's" every day!!  Enthusiasm, Empathy and Energy!!!

Sometimes, helping others has been "the thing" that has gotten in the way of a long run.  That's ok--friends are more important than that.  I will always be fit and stay fit, so giving up a long run is the least I can do for a friend!

Today, however, "being THERE for a friend" and RUNNING came together.  My friend with the ailing mother, has to drive out to "break the news" about her mom's failing health and imminent death to her Dad later this morning.  So, last night--over a couple of beers--we decided to do a run together this morning!

I got up this morning, had a cup of coffee, and ran over to her place--6/10 of a mile--and was greeted by the happiest dog on earth before heading out on a run with my friend!  Animals are just the best spirit-lifters, aren't they?!

We headed out on a 4-mile run along the beach--heart rate rising, sun RISING over the ocean and the bluest sky!  We live in paradise, you see!  Sunny nearly every day!  So, we ran and we took walk breaks and we talked--sometimes about serious stuff, and we laughed and we sweat and WE KICKED BUTT!

It was the best way my friend could have started her soon-to-be-difficult day!  I was so happy to help her with that and was rewarded in return 3-fold by what she gave to me:  her friendship, a hug, a running companion!

This is LIFE my friends, and I cherish EVERY day of it!!!

Enjoy YOURS!!!  Get MOVING!!  Help someone ELSE today!!